Application Managed Services

Save money, and do more?

It’s a common problem

  • Your technology systems provide a mission-critical foundation for your business operations
  • You face IT skills, availability and turnover challenges in your workforce
  • New technology opportunities are increasingly at odds with your aging legacy systems, and
  • Operational IT maintenance is not your only important business objective


All of your IT systems were implemented to provide valuable information, reduce costs, and increase your service levels. But after years of organizational changes, introductions of new separate systems, and expanding number of providers and technologies, you are finding that management of operational systems is consuming time and resources at increasing and unpredictable levels, and these maintenance activities are diminishing your ability to focus on important broader goals

Sound familiar?

Shristi Systems and Solutions Inc. has the solution. Driven by our desire to serve your individual needs, we will help you strike the right balance between reducing your operational costs and increasing the reliability and responsiveness of your applications in service of your more important business objectives.

Through our Application Managed Services, we sell predictability and possibilities; the predictability of reduced ongoing cost and increased reliability, and new possibilities for modernization and enhancement of your systems that enable your broader goals.

Together, we can move your business beyond maintenance.

Ensuring your long-term success

At Shristi Systems and Solutions Inc., it’s your individual business needs that govern our approach to application management services.

AMS_QuartechServiceModelOur AMS Service Model, At the core of all of our managed services deployments are significant cost reduction and greatly improved financial predictability. But true success is not achieved by cost-cutting alone. Our approach continually balances organization priorities, mission-critical application reliability, integration of interdependent systems and vendors, and responsiveness to opportunities for enhancement and improvement.

To ensure that you can always leverage the best resources, tools, and processes, our service management is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), professional project and portfolio management practices and enterprise architecture standards.

All of our processes are measurable, which means you always have access to the performance, volume and cost data that you need to make accurate informed decisions and closely monitor service levels.

As important as these factors are, the real key to your long-term success is alignment with a partner that you can trust; a partner with the proven ability to meet your current needs, and the organizational flexibility to be responsive when your needs change. Unlike general claims made by large or global firms, you have a dedicated local partner in Shristi Systems and Solutions Inc.