Consulting Services

Many organizations with growing dependence on technology face interesting challenges. Shristi Systems and Solutions Inc.’s speciality is dealing with technology. We partner with our customers to provide strategically sensible, practical recommendations that have long-term direction and value.

Our approach begins with the question, “What are the business problems you are trying to resolve?” Whether dealing with user productivity, data integration, security, word processing, document management, computer resources, financial services or taxation systems, our approach focuses attention on the business level of the problem, rather than on the technical issues that may be involved. It is our job to translate your business problems into technical solutions.

Our services deal with Information Technology on behalf of the organization by beginning with the Discovery Process, moving through Articulation, Solution Presentation and Action Planning.

We have been preparing and executing Information Management Strategies for Commercial Businesses for over five years. Generally speaking, our fees for this consulting service does not increase the final cost of a given project, meaning you don’t net out paying more – but you get more. Our organized approach highlights true costs, so that you are not surprised by the final figures for a project. We negotiate with vendors on your behalf, often covering our fees just in the net savings from the vendors. We are well known in the business, and the vendors will often start their Proposals with their very best price because of this, rather than force you through the “haggling” phase.

Importantly, your own staff can stay focused on the job at hand, and are not distracted by the management and evaluation of technology projects, or the need to educate themselves for what may be a one-time process. The savings in staff time, particularly in busy organizations, is considerable.

In over five years of providing recommendations, we have never had a customer that has had to tear down one of our recommendations, or had a recommendation fail. The savings of never having to rebuild a solution is one hard to quantify, but one of which we are very proud. We translate business problems into technological solutions, identify the keystone issues and make problems go away.

Our unique layout for our IMS report, encapsulates the business problem as the primary focus of the topic being discussed, and presents solutions and the reasoning for change. This design allows the IMS to continue to return value for years to come, as solutions will got and go, or you may find yourself re-addressing a previous topic, whose time has come again, but the basic business problem and emphasise for change will likely still be valid.

Are there resource limitations on your success?

Business improvement is a critical component of long-term success and the main driver of most technology initiatives. But is your existing workforce up to the task? There are a number of valid reasons that an organization may not be equipped to maximize on innovation and improvements in technology. These include; leadership, credibility, expertise, time and objectivity.

 Do thThe Missing Pieceese barriers apply to your initiatives? Ask yourself the following high-level questions:

  •  Leadership?  Would initiatives benefit from the guidance of industry leaders with a history of related success and deep knowledge of best practices?
  •  Credibility?  Would the solution be better received internally or externally if presented and endorsed by highly credible third-party experts?
  •  Expertise?  Would the likelihood of success be significantly improved by resources with the exact skills and expertise that are required?
  • Time?  With the priorities of running a day-to-day business, do you require more dedicated resource time to meet your important deadlines?
  •  Objectivity?  Does a current perspective limit the ability to be objective when identifying problems and unbiased when defining their solutions?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions there is a good chance that you could realize significant benefits from external resourcing. But identifying the need for external support is just the first step. Even more important than knowing that you need help is the ability to find and engage the right resources in the right way.

As experienced HR and project managers will attest, there is a very wide variety of expertise, personality and engagement factors that must be carefully considered. At Shristi Systems and Solutions Inc, we are proud of our unique ability to find the best people and engage them in a way that is beneficial for both our clients and resources.

Maximizing Resourcing SuccessThe formula for our long-term success in this area is based on three client-specific factors; the right approach, the best people, and a relentless focus on your outcomes.

The power of the right approach

Our account management team has more than 10 years of combined leadership experience in the planning, implementation and support of technology solutions. This ensures personal experience with the unique factors that influence IT outcomes, a deep knowledge of a variety of technologies, and a working knowledge of the best ways to engage resources for a specific project, client and requirement.

…combined with the best people

Our dedicated HR team follows a disciplined recruiting process that leverages our expanding pool of region-specific consultants as well as local and international talent databases. Our executive team maintains personal relationships with approximately 100 highly qualified professionals that are all qualified on communication, personality, and work style.

…and a relentless focus on your outcomes

Unlike standard consulting services organizations that consider the job done the moment a resource is 10 Years of Consulting Services Growthplaced, we take pride in our ongoing commitment to the success of our resources in helping you achieve your outcomes. Before and after the contract is signed, our leadership and HR teams will work hard to support our resources in the realization of your goals.

This relentless focus on your goals has rewarded us with long-term continual growth across all of our consulting services clients, which we feel is the greatest testament to our world class people and our true dedication to your needs.