IT Project and Strategies

Project and Strategies Matters


We can tackle your most challenging IT projects. We provide detailed proposals that outline the scope of the IT project, the tasks involved, the timeline, and the costs. IT Projects are generally priced at a fixed rate; thus, we bear the risk of cost overruns. We execute projects using professional project management principles with regular status updates. If you have an internal IT department, we work closely with your staff and leverage their knowledge to ensure a successful outcome.

Examples of typical projects:

  • New Offices – Planning, procurement, and implement of completely new networks including servers, desktops, phone systems, printers, remote access, etc.
  • Server Rollouts – Migration from an old server to a new server, upgrading to a domain environment, implementing a new Backup/Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Branch Offices – Setting up branch offices to collaborate more effectively with the main office using technologies including site-to-site VPNs, WAN optimizers, and distributed file systems
  • Major Software Upgrades – Migrating from one software platform to another
  • Networking Upgrades – Deployment of new network architectures including new firewall, routers, WAN optimizers and more
  • Email Upgrades – Implementing Microsoft Exchange 2010 \ 2013 , Google Apps migrations, Blackberry Enterprise Server, and spam filtering solutions
  • Thin Clients – Rollouts of standardized, secure, cost effective workstations for information workers